Excited For a New Year of After-School Programs
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Volume 4 • No. 8
Unit Director Corner

The Boys & Girls Club at Sandhills Community College has started with a BANG! Our members truly enjoyed the first few days of the Club. We plan to start exploring the campus in the next few weeks in hopes of learning more about gardening and cultivating growth. We plan to form a partnership with the Culinary Department; by creating this partnership, members will learn safety procedures in the kitchen and how to make sweet treats. Lastly, having fun with the stem program at SCC can help members enjoy stem even more. Please join us at a few Flyer games to help cheer the team on--Go  Flyers!
Thanks, Sandhills Community College, for this amazing opportunity. We are all truly ecstatic.                                                             

                                                                    Edith-Ann Jackson
                                                                  Unit Director - Sandhills Community College Site
                                                                         Boys & Girls Club of the Sandhills

Student Spotlight
Staff Spotlight

Johnathan Brown named Unit Director at Logan-Blake

We are so excited for Johnathan Brown who has been named Unit Director for the Logan-Blake Unit on the Dedman Family Campus. He has been with the Boys & Girls Club of the Sandhills for eight years. Johnathan attributes his enthusiasm for education to his parents, both of whom were educators. He is a Pinecrest graduate who went on to graduate from Winston-Salem State University with a BA in Sports Management. According to Jonathan, "I really enjoy working with the young people and seeing them achieve and grow". His goal for Logan-Blake this year is to inspire and be a positive role model for the kids and staff. When he's not working, he enjoys saltwater fishing and family vacations.
Many of our Club families need financial assistance to cover the cost of Club membership. YOUR gift of $1,179.97 (or $98/month) sponsors ONE child for the entire school year and summer. With this help, members gain access to:
  • Academic Support - At the Club, kids receive homework help and tutoring to put them on the path to excellence in the classroom and beyond!
  • Healthy Meals - Oftentimes, the meals kids receive at the Club - dinner during the school year; breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the summer - are the only hot meals they have all day.
  • Encouragement, Sense of Purpose - Club kids receive the nurturing and support that so many desperately need. Our trained youth development professionals offer educational assistance, formative guidance, and leadership skills necessary for kids to reach their full potential as productive, caring members of our community.
You can help change a life by Sponsoring A Child! Monthly options are available, too!

A new school year means a new group of kids & teens walking through our doors.
We have 112 Club members who need sponsorship for the upcoming school year and summer.

What's Happening at The Club
Our lights-out black-out party was a huge success and a nice way to cap off specialty camp week at the Baxter Teen Center.
Ahead of the 17th Annual Rick Rhyne Memorial Fishing Tournament, our members got a lesson on catfish from North Carolina Wildlife staff. They got to see some of the 500 catfish that were released into the lake that afternoon.
A great way to beat the heat is fresh peaches! Some of our teens worked together in the kitchen to prepare peach parfaits. All we can say is everyone enjoyed their hard work!
A special thanks to Highlanders Farm.
The 17th Annual Rick Rhyne Memorial Fishing Tournament was a huge success.  The event was perfect not only due to the weather, but the hard-working volunteers and of course Mrs. Wanda Rhyne. A lot of great lessons were learned and awesome memories were made.
Training is priority one. Everyone, from new hires to veteran employees, goes through it at least twice a year. As a result, our caring staff is able to implement proven youth development strategies and create a stable, supportive environment for our members.
Thanks to Our Community!
We were elated to receive a new refrigerator for the Logan-Blake Unit after the one we had stopped working. A HUGE thanks to the Everything Pines Partners, Mav Hankey, the Emmanuel Episcopal Thrift Shop, Kristen Moracco, Traci Cortes, Lisa Murphy, Peighton Woodard, Emiliana Webster, and Carolyn Hallett.

Our CEO, Steve Kastner recently accepted a donation from the Kiwanis Club of the Sandhills President, Jim Whitlock.  Thank you for your donation to help us grow more great futures.
We are grateful for our continued partnership with the Aberdeen Ross Dress for Less. Thank you to the team at the store and all who contributed in-store throughout the month of August!
The Rotary Club of Pinehurst celebrated a decade of "Happy Feet" in August. Close to 100 of our Club members took part in the event and received new shoes just in time for the new school year.The driving force of this event, Ed Biebrich said, “I don’t think it ever gets old. Each year you see new faces and it’s much more than a charity thing for us, it’s a signature program for the club.” Special thanks to Pinehurst United Methodist Church for providing backpacks and school supplies for the kids that morning as well! Read more HERE!
Upcoming Events
Thank You Corporate Sponsors
McPeake Hotels, Inc.
Join our elite group of sponsors, please contact Caitlin Terry, Director of Development at 910.692.0777, ext. 2221 or email at
160 Memorial Park Court • Southern Pines, NC 28387 • 910.692.0777

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