December 2020
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Volume 2 • No. 13
CEO Corner

We are all looking forward to what’s in store for 2021. Last year was a long, hard year, but we made it!  We are welcoming back our K-5 members full time and anxiously awaiting the time when our middle and high school members can do the same.  In the meantime, we will resume our remote learning support for middle and high school students next week after we get settled with our updated operations for our K-5 members. 

Happy New Year! 
Fallon Brewington
CEO Boys & Girls Club

Sponsor A Child, Change A Life!
Many of our kids need financial assistance to cover the cost of Club membership. Your gift of $1,179.97 (or $98/month) sponsors one child for the entire school year and summer. Without this help, members might not have access to:

  Computers and High-Speed Internet – Because of disparities in the availability of technology, many kids are unable to do schoolwork at home and must rely on the Club.

  Healthy Meals - Many parents are still out of work, leading to greater food insecurity. Oftentimes, the meals kids receive at the Club are the only ones they have all day.

  Encouragement, Sense of Purpose – Club kids receive the nurturing and support many so desperately need. Our trained youth development professionals offer educational assistance, formative guidance, and leadership skills necessary for kids to become productive, caring members of our community.

You can help change a life by Sponsoring A Child TODAY!  Monthly options are available!

Our goal is to ensure 190 Club members are sponsored. We currently have 157 Club kids sponsored, so we are inching closer to meeting our goal. Won't you consider Sponsoring A Child today?
Whatever it takes...
2020 Was Quite A Year...
With lots of gratitude, here are some of our favorite
Club memories over the past 365 days!

2020 Youth of the Year, Brianna B.
2020 Club Ambassador, Keziah S.
The team from Elliotts on Linden preparing a delicious meal for our Great Futures Celebration.
An incredible celebrity Waitstaff at our
Great Futures Celebration.
Megan Rouse dreamt up a campaign, dubbed Light Up National, to support our food distribution program when COVID-19 closed schools for in-person learning this spring. Her idea inspired the Junior League of Moore County to facilitate a Light Up Moore County event a few weeks later. Both events were a huge help to our Club this spring!
Lucille Casey was inspired to walk as many miles as possible to help raise funds to support our food distribution efforts as well.
In partnership with Moore County Schools, our staff distributed lunch and next-day breakfast in a drive-thru style at our Southern Pines location for several months this spring and summer.

Special shout-out to Kate Petsolt and Neighbors Feeding Neighbors for orchestrating family dinners that were provided for many months in conjunction with the lunch and next-day breakfast distribution!
We are so proud of our senior class of 2020!
Thank you to Everything Pines Partners for the donation of a box truck this year!
We are so thankful to be part of such a generous community. From oyster roasts hosted by Danny Hayes of The House of Fish & Southern Pines Brewing Company to bracelets sold at High Octane in Aberdeen, we were fortunate to have been the recipients of several fundraising efforts around town to support our Club kids.

Many churches and their congregations made impactful gifts to help us meet the needs of our Club families during an uncertain spring and summer. Thank you all!
Our Club reopened with the start of school at the end of August. Later in the fall, we began offering remote learning support for our Club families.
Blue Cross NC & players from the Carolina Golf Classic Tournament on the Symetra Tour distributed meals to Club members and their families this fall. Thank you again to all involved!
Club kids and participants alike had a blast at our Cradle Golf Tournament in September. Special thanks to Pinehurst Resort and all of our sponsors for helping ensure a successful event!
It sure is nice to have our Club members back.
We are thankful for our friends at Emmanuel Episcopal Church (Thank you, Karen W.!) and our friends in Florida (Thank you, Suzanne R.) for gifts of toys, games, hats and scarves in December.
Our Club members participated in the 2020 Virtual Reindeer Fun Run with a visit to Reservoir Park. Thank you to Team Green and all Reindeer Fun Run participants, sponsors, and volunteers for ensuring the 2020 Reindeer Fun Run still happened!!
THANK YOU to everyone who helped us support our Club kids and their families in 2020! Because you've been here for us, we've been here for them. Thank you!
Club At Home
For families of Club members unable to attend the Club daily, we hope that you are checking out our Club at Home page regularly to see the new videos our staff is posting. If you haven't checked it out yet, click here! Or, like us on Facebook!
Upcoming Events
Mark your calendars now for our Great Futures Celebration as we award our 2021 Youth of the Year: Thursday, February 18th at 6:00 pm. Tickets, available soon, will include a pick-up dinner from Elliotts on Linden!
Thank You 2020-2021 Corporate Sponsors
Join our elite group of sponsors, please contact Caitlin Terry, Director of Development at 910.692.0777, ext. 2221 or email at
160 Memorial Park Court • Southern Pines, NC 28387 • 910.692.0777

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